Alien Blocks is a fun Tetris style game where you have to protect the Earth from falling aliens blocks. To do this you need to fit them into rings (the color does not matter) as they fall which blow-up as you complete them.
You can move and rotate the blocks while they are falling from space by using the screen controls. Collect bonuses to destroy blocks or increase the available time.

Alien Blocks

There are four different game modes. You can play for free in two of the four game modes: Level Mode (with increasingly difficult levels, up to 52 levels, limited to 10 levels in free version) and Time Mode (same as Level Mode but with a time feature, up to 52 levels, limited to 10 levels in free version).

Through In-App Purchases, you can access Unlimited Mode (no time limit, unlimited levels) and Arcade Mode (you can use special bonuses that will help you complete the levels, also with unlimited levels), in addition to all levels of the two free modes mentioned above. Also you’ll have access to all levels of the free modes.

Game modes

Levels in two game modes

Unlimited levels in two game modes

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Move and fit the blocks

Time Mode

Ring completed

Arcade Mode effects

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