TDIneT Apps

We are a company dedicated to the development of applications and games for mobile devices (Tablets and SmartPhones) based in Gijon, Asturias (North of Spain), formed by professionals with extensive experience in the world of computing, Internet and Application Development.

We develop Apps and Games for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) and Android devices for publication in the Apple App Store (IOS) and the Google Play (Android). We also develop for Kindle Fire.

Our goal is to develop creative, useful, simple, practical Apps, and help us in our daily lives, whether at work or in our personal lives. Some will be original ideas and other improvements from existing ideas, but always with the principles of practicality and simplicity.

Among the Apps that we are developing there are games, which we hope will be entertained and simple, and make us have a fun and enjoyable time while, for example, waited in the medical consultation, traveling by bus or subway, etc.

Our philosophy of App development

Today we are surrounded by technology, and is found in almost all areas of our life. Properly understood, the technology should serve to facilitate our daily lives, whether at work, at home, in transportation, etc., but it is not always so, since the management of the technology by the user sometimes gets pretty complicated.

Regarding the technology that we encounter daily, computers, phones, televisions, cars, …, often need to use a “software” (an application) to interact with these devices and access the functions provided us. The problem is that sometimes it is complex and unintuitive for the user to handle the application, also by the amount of options and possibilities offered when really only be used a few.

Our philosophy of App development is to create Apps that have a simple and intuitive operation, do what they are supposed to have to do without excess functionality, and are useful for the user. We also apply this philosophy to the development of games, trying to be simple but fun and make us spend entertaining time.